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What's New?

What is the Justice Talent Management System (JTMS)?

The Human Resources Information Technology Branch (HRITB) has updated the Justice Talent Management System (JTMS) to version 2021. While most of the upgrades affect the administration side of the application, a few upgrades affect the user interface.

  • Learners can Request Classes
  • Pending Approvals Enhancements
  • Enhanced Learning Topics for Better Personalized Recommendations
  • Improvement to the Learning Administration Menu
  • Printable & Proctored Assessments
  • Program Enhancements
    • Program Search Enhancements
    • Add and Remove Programs from the User Record
    • Delete Programs from User History
  • New Course Home (coming soon)

The Justice Talent Management System (JTMS) is the Bureau's official system of record for the administration of all training, to include, registration, documentation, tracking and reporting of external, internal, virtual and in-person training. Within the JTMS, learns can request for classes, submit IDPs, view training history, print certificates and more. To learn about some of ATF's larger training programs, click the images above.